Introducing the Custom Fundraising Plan, a transformative three-month program that will provide you with a custom fundraising plan and the support you need to execute it. A fundraising plan loaded with strategy tailored to your nonprofit and fitted with expert support.

Custom Fundraising Plan

the ultimate solution for international fundraisers

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Or maybe as an international nonprofit, you recognize that the fundraising plan that works for nonprofits fundraising in one country isn't the same for your international nonprofit.

Many nonprofits struggle with one-size-fits-all fundraising plans, leaving them overwhelmed and without a clear roadmap to success. Sticky notes with brilliant ideas are great, but without a framework, they often lead nowhere.

Look no further! Fundraising Beyond Borders presents the ultimate solution for international nonprofits and fundraisers - The Custom Fundraising Plan.

Are you tired of searching for the perfect fundraising plan only to find generic strategies that don't fit your unique nonprofit? 

the solution you've been waiting for

After working with nonprofits worldwide and crafting strategy-infused fundraising plans, I noticed a recurring challenge. Nonprofits would walk away from a strategy session excited about their new fundraising plan but never effectively implement it. 

Despite having a plan bound to get them results, nonprofits were still struggling, especially with accountability. And then it clicked. Nonprofits needed a strategic fundraising plan AND implementation support.

I crafted the Custom Fundraising Plan to provide international nonprofits with a complete Fundraising Plan solution: the plan and the integration support you need to execute it. 

Custom Fundraising Plan

introducing the


month 1:

Your nonprofit will fill out an in-depth questionnaire which makes you review your nonprofit's fundraising. 






how it works:

Over three months, you will go through four phases, so at the end, you are left with a realistic fundraising plan and have started to implement it with confidence. 

We will meet for 2 hours to assess and review your fundraising goals, challenges, and successes and review the fundraising plan components.


Together, we will conduct multiple donor calls to dive into the donor experience.


Your online donation page is a huge component of your fundraising success. I will assess and review your current online donation page in depth.



After assessing what is working and not working, we will clarify the three fundraising activities where your nonprofit will see the greatest return on investment.


We will clarify your ideal donor to create a custom donor engagement plan.



I will produce your final custom fundraising plan.


I will present your final fundraising plan during our presentation session. This is an excellent opportunity to include your Board.



months 2 & 3:

Implement with confidence!


We will meet for two months, once a week, to ensure you receive the support and accountability you need to implement your new fundraising plan confidently. 


We know your nonprofit is unique, so we create a plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. No more carbon copies; your success deserves a personalized approach.

customization is key

key benefits

With a track record of co-founding a nonprofit, winning global fundraising awards, and assisting dozens of international nonprofits, Morgan's expertise is your secret weapon.

experience matters

Say goodbye to generic strategies that don't match your team's strengths. Our program sets SMART goals, ensuring your fundraising endeavours are achievable and fruitful.

Beyond the two-month program, we provide one-month coaching support, helping you integrate your new fundraising plan seamlessly.

realistic & Attainable goals

ongoing support

Our four-phase process - assess, clarify, strategize, and implement - empowers you with clarity and confidence every step of the way.

a step-by-step journey

"Crystal clear focus for the year ahead! Working with Morgan initiated valuable discussions, diversifying our fundraising efforts."

- Michelle P.

why create this program?

I was once sitting in your shoes. As a young fundraiser, I didn’t know where to start. 

I had the ideas but needed a strategy that was tailored to my specific nonprofit. Especially a strategy that understood fundraising for a global audience. I know the endless googling can be exhausting. I know working as a sole fundraiser or as part of a really small team can feel lonely.

And I don’t want that for you.

That’s why Fractional Fundraising is specifically designed to address your nonprofit’s fundraising challenges and provide tangible solutions.

I would like to have additional integration support, can I add more coaching months?

You sure can and what we actually recommend. You can add 3, 6 or 12 months of coaching to help with your integration phase. When you add on six months, you will receive a free month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many team members can be a part of the process?

We encourage your fundraising team to be as active as possible. If you have more than one team member, we recommend having a team leader.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do. Get in touch with Morgan and she will be happy to share more details.

The Custom Fundraising Plan will provide clarity and a plan, elevating your nonprofit's fundraising potential like never before. For $8,500, you gain access to a tailored plan that opens doors to global success.

Invest in Success

Unlock the power of a custom fundraising plan

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Purchase an additional six months of coaching for integration, and receive a bonus coaching month absolutely FREE.

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