You’ve reached your fundraising capacity. Your current team is maxed out in their capacity to raise money. If you want to increase your fundraising revenue, you need to hire help. But it’s not that easy!

Fractional Fundraising

strategic fundraising support without the overhead of a full-time employee

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It's simple - let me run your fundraising program. That's right - eliminate the stress and overwhelm of trying to "do it all" and let me manage the day-to-day of your fundraising needs.

Let me take the weight of fundraising off your shoulders

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We manage your fundraising. You focus on changing the world. Fractional fundraising offers nonprofits expert guidance without the commitment of a full-time hire. By partnering with fractional fundraisers, organizations gain tailored support to maximize donor engagement, optimize fundraising efforts, and achieve sustainable growth—all while remaining cost-efficient and flexible.



strategic oversight

What we provide:

Our Fractional Fundraisers each have over a decade of fundraising experience.
We always start our work with you with a fundraising plan that outlines strategic objectives and a work plan for your fundraising program.

4 Phase Approach

We take you through a comprehensive four-phase approach - Assess, Clarify, Strategize, and Implement - so we can figure out what is working and what isn’t working. We dive into finding three to four fundraising activities that are going to show the highest return on your investment

hands-on implementation

We then implement that plan! From strategy, creating fundraising campaigns and writing donor communication, if it’s in the plan, we’ll make sure to get it done!

This service is for you if:

You're a Nonprofit Leader Ready to Maximize Impact

You're looking for Expert Guidance to Launch Campaigns effectively, ensuring your message resonates with donors and stakeholders alike

You want to secure Sustainable Funding streams for long-term growth and stability

you want access to top-tier fundraising talent without the expense of hiring a full-time employee

“Morgan is fantastic! As a coach, a person, and a fundraising mentor. Within a very short period, Morgan has helped me onboard to a new role, guided me through multiple giving campaigns, and continues to help me be the best version of my professional self. With regular sessions, she helps me to remain focused by providing a strategic approach to how to tackle the task/s at hand best. She brings a wealth of fundraising industry knowledge and experience to each meeting which adds so much value, whether it is a campaign strategy you are working on or planning donor touchpoints.”

- Maryke C.

why create this program?

I was once sitting in your shoes. As a young fundraiser, I didn’t know where to start. 

I had the ideas but needed a strategy that was tailored to my specific nonprofit. Especially a strategy that understood fundraising for a global audience. I know the endless googling can be exhausting. I know working as a sole fundraiser or as part of a really small team can feel lonely.

And I don’t want that for you.

That’s why Fractional Fundraising is specifically designed to address your nonprofit’s fundraising challenges and provide tangible solutions.

Strategic Assessment & Planning Process

Custom Fundraising Plan and Calendar

Implementation of Three Fundraising Activities that will have the highest return on investment

Access to dozens of templates and resources, including your own Fundraiser Pro workbook


Ongoing Slack community support

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from hiring in-house?

How is this different from hiring in-house?

Usually small organizations have limited budgets for staffing, which means they end up hiring someone junior without much fundraising strategy or expeirence. That person usually ends up spending a lot of time and energy on things that are not moving things forward. Instead, with that budget you can hire a Fractional Fundraiser who brings over 10 years of fundraising experience to the table with a passion for implementation and getting it done. Our clients love this solution to help them grow strategically.

An added benefit is that a Fractional Fundraisers require less supervision meaning less stress for the ED! Bonus!

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Hiring a Fractional Fundraiser is about $5,000 depending on the support needed. You hire the Fractional Fundraiser directly and there are no hidden costs. Contracts start at 12 months.

What work is included?

What work is included?

Each organization is unique and your fundraising strategy should be unique to you. Our Fractional Fundraisers are fundraising generalists and can do it all - from individual giving and major gifts, to grant writing or sponsorships. The only thing we don't do are large events.

We start each engagement with a Strategic Planning process to develop a clear fundraising plan with goals and activities to move your fundraising forward. Then, we do the work! 

Implementation means writing appeals, managing your data, working with your program team to write and submit grants, building relationships, managing sponsorships, doing social media, etc. We help you figure out which activities are a priority and then we do them.

Do you guarantee results?

Do you guarantee results?

If a fundraiser or fundraising consultant offers guaranteed results, RUN. That is probably a sign they are doing something unethical. 

Fundraising success takes time and consistency. Your results depend on where you are starting and what your fundraising priorities are.

Our clients so far have seen an average of a 2.3X ROI in the first 12 months of working with us and an average of 6X in the second year.

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