Did you know that when you became a fundraiser or said “yes” to working in a nonprofit, you would be wearing MANY hats in a single day? Has it ever left you feeling overwhelmed or confused about where to put your energy? Do you find yourself Googling “how to..” constantly? I can fix that, empowering you with the strategic resources needed to raise more money! I want you to love fundraising as much as I do.

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HEre's how I can help:

At Fundraising Beyond Borders, I offer individualized Custom Fundraising plans and Fundraising Coaching programs personalized to your nonprofit’s specific goals. I also know how valuable group support and community can be, offering group coaching programs. Beyond that, I have tools and resources to make everyday fundraising easier so you can continue to focus on raising the funds. 

With my help, you’ll reclaim valuable time and reinvest it in mobilizing donors to maximize your nonprofit’s impact. 


Tech recommendations based on your needs and current goals.

fundraising technology

Topics include donor journeys, campaigns, international relations, etc.

fundraising coaching

We walk through four phases: assess, clarify, strategize, and implement.

fundraising planning


In my first-hand experience, I've seen international nonprofits thrive when they:

  • Identify diverse funding sources
  • Create specific communication and language plans
  • Target global donors
  • Build international partnerships

The good news is you don’t have to do this alone! In this Custom Fundraising Plan program, we walk through four phases: assess, clarify, strategize, and implement.

It’s no secret that fundraising planning is a large task and can be overwhelming. Creating a realistic and attainable plan is key to achieving your nonprofit’s fundraising goals. 

Custom Fundraising Plan

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I will guide you through a hands-on, customized coaching program to achieve your specific fundraising goals. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Fundraising plans
  • Donor journeys
  • Donor communication
  • Campaign creation
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • International relations
  • Board engagement
  • ...and more!

This is a three-month minimum commitment with weekly coaching sessions.

Are you a fundraising leader looking for extra growth, support, and training? Or maybe you feel stuck on the goals that you’ve already set? 

Fundraising Coaching

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Have I told you my secret to successful campaigns, donor management, and donor stewardship? TECH! Yep, that’s right, tech can quite literally transform your organization’s online giving. However, there’s a lot of tech out there and I get it - it can be quite overwhelming choosing the right tools and making sure they all talk to each other. Book a Discovery Call today to learn more about my tech recommendation session and tech onboarding session. Each session, I'll provide tech recommendations based on your nonprofit’s needs and current goals.

Fundraising Tech Assessment & Recommendation


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We manage your fundraising. You focus on changing the world. Fractional fundraising offers nonprofits expert guidance without the commitment of a full-time hire. By partnering with fractional fundraisers, organizations gain tailored support to maximize donor engagement, optimize fundraising efforts, and achieve sustainable growth—all while remaining cost-efficient and flexible.

Strategic Fundraising support without the overhead of a full-time employee.

Fractional Fundraising

-Sophie O

“Morgan is highly skilled in fundraising and especially in peer-to-peer campaigns. She is dedicated and knowledgeable about the international development sector and all aspects of donor relations. Morgan is enjoyable to work with and an asset to any team!” 

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You want to make the world a better place. I have the fundraising strategies to help you succeed! With my help, you’ll reclaim valuable time and reinvest it in mobilizing donors to maximize your nonprofit’s impact.