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July 10, 2023

5 Ways to Get Ready for Your End-of-year or #GivingTuesday Fundraising Campaign

5 Ways to Get Ready for Your End-of-year or #GivingTuesday Fundraising Campaign

It’s time to gear up for the most crucial fundraising season of the year: the end-of-year and GivingTuesday campaigns. We have already seen that online giving is down this year so we need to really be thinking ahead to inspire and motivate our donors to be ready to give at the end of the year.

Don’t wait till the last minute to engage your donors and create a sense of community. Let’s dive into some strategies that will get your supporters motivated and ready to give come December!


First things first, let’s divide and conquer. Make a list of donors who gave last year but have yet to contribute this year. Reach out to them personally, showing gratitude for their past support and highlighting the impact they’ve made. It’s all about rekindling that giving spirit! Here are a couple ideas to segment your donors: 


Show some love to your major donors.  Your major donors are your VIPs, so let’s roll out the red carpet for them. Create a special stewardship plan just for them. Connect one-on-one to update them on your organization’s progress, share success stories, educate them on your mission and chat about future plans. Make them feel like the rockstars they are!

If you’ve got peer-to-peer champions who haven’t created a campaign this year, reach out and lend a helping hand. Give them resources, success stories, and ideas to inspire their creativity. This is the perfect opportunity to create a sense of community with your donors. Together, you can rock the year-end fundraising scene!

Bring back those lapsed donors. Remember those donors who haven’t shown their support in a while? Let’s rekindle the flame! Craft personalized messages that remind them of the impact they’ve had and invite them back into the fold. 

Keep the conversation going with your individual donors by sharing regular updates. Let them know what your organization has been up to, the challenges you’re tackling, and the progress you’re making. Use newsletters, social media, and blog posts to keep them in the loop. Tell stories that tug at their heartstrings and remind them how their donation continues to make an impact. 

Now that you have the game plan, it’s time to kick-start your year-end fundraising efforts! 

Engage, steward, and inspire your donors to make a difference. Remember, building communication, education, and creating community are the keys to a successful year-end campaign. So, let’s get started early, plan strategically, and make this year’s year-end fundraising a super-powered success!

P.S. One thing you can do this week – make sure your email list is clean and organized! Make sure emails aren’t bouncing or being marked as spam and segment your donors in your email platform. 

Want more concrete ideas on how you can communicate, educate and create a community for your donors? Catch this 30-minute webinar, Unlocking the Power of Connection.

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